Teach & Travel Program
Experience other cultures, societies and languages by teaching your own.
  • work


    This is your chance to work as a language tutor abroad! Teach your mother tongue to adults and children in a foreign country and exchange knowledge while experiencing a completely different culture.
  • live


    Live and work in a country that is new to you and explore its culture. Live with a local family or in your own place. You will have the opportunity to discover all the community has to offer and also travel to other regions.
  • learn


    Get to know a local family and their culture, or teach at a local school. You will learn about your own abilities and discover why this world will always need teachers. Challenge yourself in becoming a better teacher and learning other language skills.

See the world and make a difference to the lives of others. Teach a language in a foreign country through our teach abroad program. Not only do you get to improve your teaching skills, your foreign language skills but you also get to see the world by teaching your own language. It’s a win – win situation! Most of our teach and travel programs offer free accommodation and meals or a monthly stipend to help fund your travels. Discover a new place and also help those around you learn something new. Our programs vary from working in foreign schools to teaching and living with a local family. If your looking for a rewarding program with the benefits of seeing a new place this is for you.

  • Available Destinations

  • Germany


    Guten Tag! For your ultimate European experience why not choose Germany for your practicum? Placements are tailored to fit your individual university course or requirements. With placements in film, architecture, media, tourism and business we cater for a wide range of programs depending on your selected career choice. Why not spend your free time seeing a country laden with medieval architecture, thriving art and culinary scenes, and a terrain of rich green forests.

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  • Colombia


    Want to make a difference to the lives of others? Have you also been enchanted by the magic, beauty and mesmerizing culture of Colombia? Consistently rated as the happiest country in the world, a teach and travel placement in Colombia gives you the opportunity to teach english as a foreign language, get paid a monthly stipend, and change someones life as well as your own. Teach and travel is one of the most rewarding programs that we offer.

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