...the world’s largest island and smallest continent.

From the buzzing cosmopolitan streets of Sydney, the curling emerald waves of Surfers Paradise to the famously vast outback, Australia offers a great array of landscapes like no other on the planet. Easy-going people, an amazingly warm climate that embraces beach living, surfing and a cold beer after a long days work are just around the corner. As one of the world’s premier backpacker destinations, host to thousands of travellers per year, Australia is an open country and welcomes everyone with open arms. Whatever amazing program you decide to participate in we’re sure you’ll be pulled in by Australia’s seductive lifestyle, people and culture.

  • Available Programs

  • Practicums Program

    Practicums Program

    Practicum Programs give you the chance to get real-world, hands-on specialized experience in almost any industry. The quality and level of your placement will depend on your experience, education, area of placement, time of year and duration of your placement. Placements involve project work and / or participating in day-to-day operations to see how a local organization functions. Practicums are designed not only with your specific goals and interests in mind but also in accordance with any requirements your university or faculty may have.

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  • Hospitality Program

    Hospitality Program

    Full-service support to allow you to secure the best possible placement opportunity in the hospitality industry. Opportunities are primarily in resort communities or in major urban centres.
Positions are generally in customer service, restaurants, hotels or in hospitality industry support areas. Participants can expect to be paid prevailing wage rates for any positions they secure. Opportunities are based on prior experience, language, duration of your commitment and start date.
Program includes industry and country orientation, consultation, placement assistance, and interview training.

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  • Work & Travel Program

    Work & Travel Program

    Ever felt that being free spirited and easy-going was a good thing? Ever felt that “hey the world is MY oyster and I can make it all happen”? Then you only need a little bit of our help! With INTERNeX’s assistance, you can hit the ground running with all of the necessary tools and support to create your own experience. Bring your sense of independence, “never-quit” attitude, and positive outlook with you and you will see that there IS more to explore!

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