With so many options and destinations available to you we know it can be hard to pick the program that’s right for you, so here’s some advice to get you started


ASK! – our helpful team of destination and program experts are here to answer all and any of your questions no matter how big or small. We want you to have the most fantastic experience possible, so we want to give you the best advice we can.


Why are you travelling? Is it to see more of a destination? Is it for career advancement? Is it to experience a completely different language and culture? Do you want a paid job or hands on meaningful unpaid work experience? Try to ask yourself the exact reasons and find a destination that will suit you. Some of the points below may help.


• European programs are a great gateway to seeing many different countries and cultures in one go. Cheap travel options via airfare and rail mean that you can travel to other countries for as little as $20. 


• Our sister company is based in New Zealand, this means we a great amount of placement opportunities in this country. If your looking for a very niche placement it is very likely we can accommodate you here.


• You don’t have to have any horse riding experience to participate in a ranchstay!


• Not all programs have flexible start dates, make sure you think about when you want to begin your adventure before applying. 


• REMEMBER: Employers look very favourably on those who have completed an international travel placement, especially though who have studied abroad. Have a look at our study abroad programs for 100’s of program choices.


• If you want to experience a destination that’s completely different to your own culture consider a destination which doesn’t speak your native tongue –learning a new language is exciting, challenging and a completely new learning experience. 


• Look at our links page for info about destinations to get detailed information on activities, tours, city layouts and much more information.


• Don’t forget our programs in the southern hemisphere have opposite seasons to Canada; looking to go in August? …make sure you’ve got your winter jacket! Looking to go in December – get out the sunscreen and flipflops (jandles in New Zealand!)