Are you a real company?

100% yes! We have been well established in this field for over 15 years. We are a recognized organization of the Canadian Government and are listed on their website. We have physical offices with real staff in both Vancouver BC Canada, and Auckland New Zealand.  

Do you do placements to Canada?

Absolutely, in addition to our many outbound options we offer all our programs in Canada. If you're looking for these opportunities CLICK HERE

Where can I do a placement?

We work with partners to bring you programs all over the world. Our sister company is in New Zealand so we have a wide range of programs setup all over the country. We also have programs in Australia, Europe, and South America. If there is a destination we have that isn’t listed that you’ve always wanted to visit, then let us know! We will happily try our best to set you up with a program in another destination.    

Are the jobs paid?

Yes we have a range of paid work. It must be noted that many of our internships/ practicums and co-ops are unpaid as this ensures we have better control of the content of the programs with employers. A Non-paid internship means that you can have a real insight into the business rather than an entry-level position simply fetching donuts and making coffee. 

  • For paid positions our hospitality and resort work positions are an ideal fit as you receive either a paid position or a stipend with meals, accommodation and lift passes included
  • Work and travel programs also offer you the flexibility to gain paid employment in many different sectors. We can advise you how to get a job and ensure you resume is tailored to sell yourself within the criteria of your chosen destination.  
  • Other programs such as the teach abroad and ranchstay often come with added perks such as free accommodation and meals, ideal for the traveller on a budget. This is a great way to see a destination if you have limited funds. 

How long does it take to apply?

To ensure we fit you with the perfect job and program we ask for applications a minimum of 6 weeks prior to departure. This ensures we can assist you in getting your visa in time and make the necessary arrangements prior to departure. For our internships we do require longer to ensure we can make arrangements for career focused professionally orientated programs, we would usually advise up to 3 months prior to your start date to apply.

Is there a cost to your program?

Yes our programs to come with a program fee. However this covers assistance through the entire program process, pre departure, during placement and for anything you need after completion. 

The program fee can be broken down into smaller payments and we simply ask for $250 initial deposit to secure the placement.  

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Read our separate guide on why we require program fee's HERE\

Is accommodation included?

Most of our programs come with 2 free nights in hostels, however Accommodation is not included as a standard in our programs. Although accommodation is provided in most teach abroad (except Colombia), ranchstay and hospitality options do include free accommodation. For all other programs we can help you find accommodation in all of our destinations including apartments, house shares, home stays and hotels and hostels. 

Are flights included?

Flights do not come included with our programs. We will assist you in finding cheap flights and help in booking them for you. 

After I arrive does INTERNeX still help me?

Yes absolutely! We will help you through every part of your program from pre departure, right until you are safely back on your home soil. We will always be contactable through phone and email, along with our in country partners who will be there to deal with emergencies and offer any advice. Even if your program is only 3 weeks or 12 months, we will be there for you the entire time. 

Can I travel with my friend/ partner?

Yes we can help you organise a trip together however INTERNeX fee’s still apply to each individual. 

I want to travel for a few weeks is this possible?

Yes, for our build your own adventure programs you can travel for any length of time in the program. 

What if a destination that I want to travel to isn’t listed?

No problem at all. Our mission is facilitating globalization, which means if there’s a destination you want to travel to we will try to make it happen. If your destination of choice is not listed simply let us know where you’d like to go and we will make it happen for you. 

Do your internships count for credits towards my university co-op?

Yes we will work with your college or university to ensure that the program is accredited according to their study abroad criteria. 

Do you cater for other nationalities other than Canadians?

Yes, we welcome enquires from countries around the world and also have placements in Canada for those applying abroad. Please check out our other webpage HERE for enquiries regarding coming to work in Canada.