Awesome Examples

1.Nano technology specialist in Dublin

2.Marketing Coordinator in Aukland

3.Social media advisor in Hamburg

4.Tour Guide in Christchurch

5.Mechanical Engineer in Sydney

Stand out in your field of study or work with a guaranteed internship from INTERNeX.  Our internships guarantee real world fulfilling placements. 

Don’t settle for making coffee and copying documents; our placements ensure full immersion into high calibre businesses. 

Our placements are individually tailored to your own course needs and requirements. Simply choose your destination and let us know your chosen career field and we will do our best to set you up with a goal orientated, fulfilling and meaningful placement. 

  • Available Programs

  • Intern in Ireland

    Intern in Ireland

    Spend up to a year working towards your college degree. Renowned for its welcoming hospitality, unforgettable beauty and vibrant towns live, work and learn in this magical place..

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  • Intern in France

    Intern in France

    Intern in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Gain invaluable work and life experience, enhance your resume and have a time you’ll never forget with a real working opportunity to suit your university or career goals

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  • Intern in Germany

    Intern in Germany

    A immersive placement with some of Germanys top employers. Gain real work experience and fully indulge in the German lifestyle. Prost!

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  • Intern in New Zealand

    Intern in New Zealand

    Stand out in the professional field by taking real-world, hands-on specialized experience in one of the most breath taking countrys on the planet. Unbeatable hospitality and an exciting adventure around every corner await in this outdoor paradise.

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  • Intern in Australia

    Intern in Australia

    Real world working experience that’s more than just making coffee and fetching donuts The land down under has everything; golden beaches, friendly people and chilled out vibes

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