5 Fantastic Facts

1.Over half of the highway (Autobahn) in Germany has no speed limit

2.Gummy bears where invented in Germany

3.The biggest train station in Europe is in Berlin

4.Germany is one of the most densely populated countries in the world

5.Neuschwanstein Castle one of the most famous castles in German was used by Walt Disney as inspiration for the sleeping beauty and Disneyland castles.

Germany, the ancient modern birthplace of Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Black Forest Cake. Steeped in thousands of years of history, culture, art, food, and outstanding innovation, it is the figurative and literal centre of Europe.

Everything you imagine about this continent comes alive in this diverse, storied country. Whether you are looking for culture, history or a modern and eclectic professional experience, Germany has more than you can imagine.

Watch the sun rise over the gothic steeples reflected in the liquid dawn of the Elbe or catch the wafting aroma of bratwurst grilling in an illuminated Christmas market. Your program is waiting.

  • Available Programs

  • Intern in Germany

    Intern in Germany

    A immersive placement with some of Germanys top employers. Gain real work experience and fully indulge in the German lifestyle. Prost!

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  • Teach English Germany

    Teach English Germany

    Free accommodation and meals for just 15 hours a week of your time teaching English to a German family. Get involved in the German lifestyle, soak up the local surroundings and engage in a rewarding program. No teaching experience necessary.

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  • Hospitality/ Resort Work Germany

    Hospitality/ Resort Work Germany

    Serve beers and soak up the ambience of Oktoberfest or ladle out gl├╝wein at a Bavarian Christmas market. These and many more paid opportunities await you with this program.

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  • Build Your Own Adventure Germany

    Build Your Own Adventure Germany

    Looking to see Germany but want to get paid to fund your adventure. We can help you find a job, get accommodation, sort out your visa plus many more benefits for a one time low fee.

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