5 Fantastic Facts

1.Over 80% of Australian residents live within 100 km of the nearest beach. This makes it the most urbanized coastal living space in the world.

2.Around 1.35 Trillion bottles of wine are produced here each year.

3.Kangaroos and Emu’s cannot walk backwards

4.The Great Barrier Reef is the planets largest living structure

5.Selfies where invented in Australia

From the buzzing cosmopolitan streets of Sydney, the curling emerald waves of Surfers Paradise to the famously vast outback, Australia offers a great array of landscapes like no other on the planet.

Easy-going people, an amazingly warm climate that embraces beach living, surfing and a cold beer after a long days work are just around the corner. As one of the world’s premier backpacker destinations, host to thousands of travellers per year, Australia is an open country and welcomes everyone with open arms. 

Whatever amazing program you decide to participate in we’re sure you’ll be pulled in by Australia’s seductive lifestyle, people and culture.

  • Available Programs

  • Intern Australia

    Intern Australia

    Real world working experience that’s more than just making coffee and fetching donuts The land down under has everything; golden beaches, friendly people and chilled out vibes.

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  • Ranchstay Australia

    Ranchstay Australia

    The Australian outback at its finest. Ride horses, look after animals, find a home away from home with a real Australian family. A ranchstay opportunity is a fantastic way to experience the Australian outdoor life.

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  • Hospitality/ Resort Work Australia

    Hospitality/ Resort Work Australia

    Work on a beach bar in surfers paradise, or serve fresh coffee to smiling locals in Sydney; get paid work in some of the most awesome places in Australia

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  • Build Your Own Adventure Australia

    Build Your Own Adventure Australia

    Create a working holiday your way. You decide where you want to go, the dates you fly, and what you’d like to do then let us organise the rest.....

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