5 Fantastic Facts

1.Rome is the capital city of Italy and it's 3,000 years old! (Thats 2,850 years older than Canada).

2.The world’s longest land tunnel is the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, which proves a 22-mile railway link between Switzerland and Italy.

3.Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy.

4.Italy has over 40 million visitors per year..making it the fourth most visited country in the world.

5. Ferrari and Lamborghini are both famous Italian sports cars.

Italy is known for its delicious food and we’re not just talking about pizza and gelato! World-class cuisine, exceptional wines and too many pasta dishes to name, you could spend a lifetime choosing the perfect meal. There is so much more to Italy though; Cruise down the canals on a gondola, climb mountains, soak in the Mediterranean sun or ski in the Alps.

A program in Italy is the perfect base for your European adventure. Easy transport links give any traveler no matter what their budget the chance to  make the most of their time here.

Remember you don’t need to speak Italian to enjoy the fantastic hospitality of this lovely European country so have a look and see what you could be doing on your trip of a lifetime to Italy.

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    Teach English in Italy

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