Learn Spanish in one of the most magical countries on the planet; Colombia! 

Get taught by the happiest people in the world. A language program with our partnership school ensures top class tuition in small classrooms with dedicated Spanish teachers. Study in 3 popular cities whilst on your travels; Medellin, Bogota and Cartagena! Whether coming to Colombia to travel, work or study learning Spanish whilst in the country will aid your travels, help you navigate, interest and make friends with locals, identify food and other local essentials plus incase your overall cultural experience. 

Our learn Spanish program in Colombia is an affordable way to learn whilst travelling.

The small and intimate classes ensure you get the much needed time and attention from staff to improve your skills. There put emphasis on teaching in real-life situations, this involves trips to local attractions, visits from local people and excursions to tourists shops, shops, plus many other places to use your new skills in a real life environment. 

Each school has there own different experience; learn in Medellin, where the facilities have a beautiful on-site cafe, and regularly go on tours to view the local artwork, coffee farm and tasting experiences. 

Travelling around South America? This is the ideal school for you! - We can offer you survival Spanish - a two week course which gives practical travel orientated Spanish lessons combined with tours for those with little or no Spanish experience. 

This experience is a really affordable way to learn whilst travelling. Get a better understanding of the beautiful Spanish language on a budget.